Easy Way of Moving Outlook Personal Folders to New Computer

Everyone knows what Microsoft outlook is and its capabilities and uses. Due to its prominence only you prefer to use it for your day to day mailing activates so on. Sometimes, you might have a bought a new computer and you may not very well know how to move or copy your valuable outlook personal folders data such as mails, tasks, contacts, RSS feeds from your old computer to the new one. On that situation, don’t feel worried! Cause by simply referring this article you will come to know the simplest and most powerful method to move outlook personal folders to new computer without losing any of data from it.

move outlook personal folders to new computer

How to migrate Microsoft Outlook personal folder to new computer?

Microsoft Outlook irrespective of its versions has an inbuilt feature, by which you may able to manually transfer all your Outlook data to a new computer. But, keep in note that by moving Outlook personal folders to new computer by this manual approach may result in corrupting / damaging or sometimes loss of your entire valuable Outlook personal folders data. So, to avoid all such instances it is much recommended to use a reliable way to migrate Outlook data from old to new computer. If you still insist to follow the manual approach then take a look out this real incident that took place while migrating manually.

“Hi I am Lee, recently I bought a new HP laptop and I had one old computer, in it I was using Microsoft Outlook since I had some important mails and contacts it. I tried to manually configure the migration from old one to the new system. But, unfortunately after transferring it my Outlook in HP laptop dint respond properly and it was unable to preview the copied mails / contacts, this made me worried a lot! Then, I came across this marvelously tool “Migrate outlook” which is a very simple and user-friendly application. By following easy steps of the tool I was able to migrate the Outlook data from old to new laptop effortlessly without any errors in either application or in Outlook data. Thanks again for this wonderful tool”

How this application will help you out?

Migrate outlook tool is especially build application to overcome all the difficulties during Outlook migration. This software allows you to move outlook personal folders to new computer without affecting any of its contents. It can automatically backup all your settings and attributes from one version of the application to other versions and also from one PC to other computer. It can transfer Outlook personal folders in different versions of Microsoft Outlook like 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and Office-365. This transfer Outlook utility can be installed on different versions of Windows operating systems like Windows-XP, Windows-Vista, Windows-7 and Wondows-8.