Tool to Recover Photos from Mac

The Mac (Macintosh), is series of several lines of personal computer developed by an American computer company Apple Inc. The OS was launched in 1984 to run the company’s Macintosh line of personal computers (PCs). This operating system is well-known for its graphical user interface and being built upon by UNIX platform. Though, it is considered as the strongest operating system which is available today, due to its own Macintosh hardware, Mac OS and this has increased the significance of Apple PC’s. The primary version was “System 1” and appeared bundled with the Mac in 1984. The standard desktop is designed as a single user OS and almost completely hides the full path to files and directories.

The Macintosh product line includes:

iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro tower, Mac Book, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro laptops, Xserve server.

Mac hard disk is divided into multiple logical storage units generally referred as Mac partitions. The partitions present on Mac OS helps to store, manage, access and maintain data accordingly. This makes more time to search for a file in your Mac hard drive when it has more data and it is not partitioned. But when u saved file in particular partitions, then you just have a look within that small logical space.

How to recover Lost Data?

Photo is a perfect way to have your special moments, memories and stories. So the photos are especially precious and profound to us. Sometimes you feel sad if you find some photos missing or deleted from your Mac computer. This is the worst situation, where you will be thinking how to recover your lost photos. If any of your photo files are lost / deleted from your system, you will think that file is lost permanently. But it is not true, they still stays in hard drive as invisible data that cannot be accessed by any user. However, by using this recover photos Mac software all your files can be retrieved back from the drive.

Why Mac photo recovery?

The unique features of this photo recovery software for Mac include:

  • Scanning algorithms are built-in to recover and find information from missing or erased Mac volumes
  • Recover files from hard drives (SATA/SCSI/IDE and so on.), flash memory cards (XD, SD, MMC and Memory Stick) , USB outside drives, iPods, FireWire Drives
  • Supports recovery of files from HFS+, HFSX organized Mac volumes
  • Universal Binary application, which combines both Intel and PowerPC Mac stages and supports 32 & 64-bit Mac OS X
  • Comes with demo version.

Some advantages of using this demo version are, 

  • It gives deep scan and quick scan search strategy to scan and fill the records on your PC that is installed on all operating systems of Mac.
  • You can also preview the lost files that are recovered before storing it.
  • Later you can activate the software and after that you can load your previously saved data recover session to regain missing files.
  • If you are satisfied with the results of demo version then you can purchase this Mac recovery software.

By utilizing Mac photo recovery software you can recover your lost or deleted files in a simple way and also this will be easy to understand and don’t require any extra skills to work with this software.

Simple Way to Restore Files from Bad Hard Drive

Have you ever lost your files or folder due to bad drive and also you don’t have the backup of those deleted files? If yes, then do not worry because you can recover files from bad drive with the help of External Hard Drive File Recovery Software with ease. It is 100% safe and secure tool. This software comes out with an advanced scanning algorithm feature which scan the entire system and external hard drive within few minutes and this is the perfect solution to recover files from bad drive.

Reason behind deletion of data due to bad hard drive:

  • There are chances of data deletion, when any sort of interruptions occur at the time of transferring files from external drive to computer hard drive and vice versa. While transferring files from external drive to computer, system may be shut down suddenly due to unexpected power failure. As a result, some data might be lost from external hard drive as well as from internal drive. This interruption can also happen due to abrupt ejection of external drive from the computer.
  • Sometimes, third party interruption like antivirus tool can be the reason for the deletion of data from system hard drive. While scanning external hard drive with an antivirus tool, this tool might automatically delete virus-affected files from drive. Unluckily, those deleted files would be the important one. So, the only option left is usage of External Hard Drive File Recovery software. With the assistance of this software, we can easily get back data from external hard drive with utmost ease.
  • Sometimes file system get corrupted due to sudden shut down of system, then we might be end up with format error message and leads to bad hard drive. So, to overcome such situation you can easily trust this software and retrieve deleted files from external hard drive.
  • Intrusion of virus and malware can seriously affect the external hard drive and if we try to open the hard drive, we might be encounter format error message.
  • Apart from the above given reasons there are some other reasons which are responsible for bad hard drive are repartitioning of hard drive, incorrect file system conversion, oversized partition, power outage, third party interruption, etc.

Henceforth, to avoid data loss due to any of the above-mentioned scenarios, it is better to maintain regular backup of files. Suppose, if you do not have backup of files and lost them due to any of these reasons, do not worry, just remain calm and make use of this software and we can easily perform files recovery from bad drive in few steps.

Features of external hard drive file recovery software:

It is an advanced tool used for recovering file from bad hard drives. This is non-destructive read only software, as it can also recovers deleted files from digital camera, camcorder, iPods, etc. without making any damage to the original data. Moreover, using this tool, you can even recovered deleted files from PAN drive, MMC card, USB drive, FireWire drive, etc. It can recover various types of data such as video, MP3 songs, images, document, PDF files, PowerPoint files, and others. After recovering all your lost or deleted files, you can preview them in the demo version of this tool. It can also recovers more than 300 deleted files from external hard drive with the help of their unique signature style.

Tips to Recover your Deleted / Lost Photos

Recently I have lost lot of pictures from my portable hard drive. I don’t have backup of the pictures. How can I get back lost photos from hard drive?

No need to worry about how to recover pictures after deleting or formatting. You can successfully recover all lost photos. There are many professional recovery tools available today for recovering lost photos. Everyone stores photos in hard drive thinking it is safe. But, sometimes, hard drives may damage due to internal or external problems that lead to deletion of images. There are many other circumstances too where a photo can get deleted. Now, let’s look at a scenario.

How photos get deleted from your storage device:

  • Accidentally pressing the Delete All button while previewing photos in image viewers or in digital cameras.
  • Photos are deleted by using Shift + Delete key combination or while using Windows Command Prompt deletes photos permanently from the hard drive
  • Sharing the photos with storage device that are infected by virus may delete or corrupt photos present in them.
  • Photos get deleted from camera memory card due to any error in memory card and careless handling.
  • Emptying the Recycle Bin Without checking whether there are any photos present in it. This result in permanent deletion of photos in hard drive.
  • Ejecting the memory card from digital camera, when an photo is being writing to the memory card
  • Freezing of computer during import or export of photos from one storage device to another.
  • Factory reset of devices results in loss of photos.

Photo Recovery Tool

This Photo Recovery Tool is one of the effective tool for get back photos that are lost from your storage device. It ensures safer and secured recovery of photos from any storage has advanced professional scanning algorithms for restoring all types of photos files formats like JPEG, TIFF, PSD, JPG, PNG, etc. This utility answers all your questions regarding how to recover pictures from any storage device. Photo Recovery Tool has Preview option where user can preview the retrieved images before restoring them to their hard drive.

  • It helps to recover photos from digital cameras memory card it supports all types of memory camera memory card types like SD card, CF card, XD card, MMC, SDHC, SDXC, etc of various SD card brands such as SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, Sony, HP etc.
  • Get back photos from MMC flash memory cards, external, SATA / SCSI / IDE hard drives, FireWire Drives, iPods, SD, XD, and USB drives, etc.
  • It can recovers digital RAW photo formats RAW file formats like, CR2, NEF,MEF, MOS, ORF, PEF, RW2, DCR, K25, KDC, ARW, SRF, SR2and ERF.
  • This tool helps in sharing and storing the retrieved photos directly on external devices like pen drives, CD or DVD.
  • Photos can be restored on the basis of their unique signatures.
  • You can successfully recover all lost photos from Windows and Mac operating system.


  • When you lost any photo from your storage device then use recovery utility before saving new photos to that
  • Ensure backup of your pictures .Picasa Backup Tool is a common tool used for photo backups
  • Protect your computer against dangerous virus by installing updated anti-virus application.


Application to Fix Documets

Document files are widely used application that are used to create professional documents. It stores images, text, OLE object and many more. Sometimes these files get corrupted due to various reasons. To overcome with such situations, you need to repair doc file with the help of repairing tool. You can make use of Fix Document software to fix documents. This tool is best tool as it is reviewed and recommended by many industrial experts to fix documents files.

Common reasons which lead to corruption of document files:

File System Corruption: When the file system of a system or any storage device gets corrupted then it can severely affect files like doc or docx.

Virus Infection: While downloading document files from the internet or during transferring files from system to any storage device or vice-versa, some viruses may enter in your system and damage your doc files.

Improper System Shutdown: Due to power surge or human errors if the system shutdown improperly then your document files may get lost.

Transfer Errors: Document files may get corrupted if there is any interruption like power failure or system shutdown automatically while transferring doc files from one storage device to other.

Round Dripping: The documents files may get corrupted when you convert doc file to some other file format. Suppose you converted doc file to PDF and again convert it back to doc from PDF.

Other Reasons: Software malfunctioning, improper installation, using third party tools, etc are some of reasons which lead to corruption of documents files.

Tips to avoid corruption of document files:

  • Keep backup of document files in multiple storage devices.
  • Always update your Antivirus to make your system free from virus attack.
  • While using external storage device, remove it in proper manner to avoid corruption of document files.

Significant features of Fix Document software:

  • This software repairs PPTX, PPS, PPT, .doc and .docx which are refuse to open.
  • It also repairs and restores texts, OLE object, sound effects, fields with hyperlinks, etc from damaged document files.
  • This tool occupies very less space for installation i.e. 50MB.
  • This software is capable of repairing document files on all latest versions of Windows operating system such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2007, Windows 8, etc.
  • Demo version ensures you to check the effectiveness of the software but you can’t save the repaired files because saving option is disabled in demo version. If you are satisfied with the repaired results then you can upgrade the application with its full version.
  • This tool doesn’t alter or modify your original file.
  • Technical support team is available 24*7 to help the users if any difficulty occurs during the installations process or software related issues.
  • This software is free from all threats like virus attack ore malware.
  • Preview option allows the users to preview the repaired documents files before restoring it to the desired place.

Partition Recovery Software to Recover Lost or Deleted Partitions

A partition is a division of physical drive and its content into separate individual parts. Disk partition is done for partitioning or dividing certain kinds of secondary storage devices such as hard disk drives (HDD), solid state drive (SSD) into desirable partitions. A physical drive can be partitioned into primary partition and extended partition. A primary/active partition is one which contains OS, a physical drive contain only one extended partition which may be further distinct into logical partitions.

Advantages of multiple partitions:

  • Partitioning allows the user to install more than one operating system like Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac on a single computer. Individual operation system can be installed on different partitions of the same secondary storage which will never interfere each other and enables the user to choice the OS at power up.
  • Reformatting of a data in one partition will not affect your data on other partitions.
  • Faster rate of access to all the files when it’s partitioned. For Example: 1TB hard disk has an access time of 12ms at 200 IOPS but when it partitioned to 100 GB access time reduces to 6ms at 300 IOPS.
  • Defragmentation of entire HDD is not required, partition which offend files create/deleted can be defragmented.
  • Corruption or error occurred in one partition will not affect to other partition.

Scenarios for Lost/Deleted partition:

  • Accidentally deleting a partition from a third party tool or from Windows Disk Management Utility.
  • If partition gets severely infected by virus or some other deadly/harmful app, then there are chances for files to go missing from the drive, or the entire partition will be lost leads to huge loss of data.
  • Partition Table holds all the info about partitions on the system drive. So, if it gets damaged due to some causes, there it may leads to partition loss.
  • Using third party app to shrink or extend the size of existing partition may sometimes leads to partition deletion which in turn results in entire data loss from it.
  • Partition may also go missing or gets deleted from the hard drive when system gets abruptly shut down due to power surge or some other reasons.

However, you can easily get rid of these causes, or you can definitely get to know about how to recover partition after loss or deletion using the most used and highly ranked utility called Partitions Recovery software.

Features of Partitions Recovery Software

Partition Recovery is an excellent and most preferred utility by worldwide users to recover partition after loss or deletion. This tool has ability to restore more than 300 types of files from a partition including RAW files, pictures, video files, spreadsheets, program files, RAR files, documents, audio files, and more. Using this application, you can recover deleted partition on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, etc. The partitions recovery tool has ability to get back partition data from SATA, IDE and SCSI HDDs. You can even utilize this software to retrieve data from RAID drives. It can effortlessly perform RAW partition recovery.

It supports various branded hard disk drives like Seagate, Samsung, Iomega, WD, LaCie, Hitachi, etc. Apart from NTFS partition recovery, it can even restore FAT and exFAT partitions. The Save Recovery Session of the software to facilitates you to resume the recovery process for the next time. Its preview option allows you to view recovered partition data prior to restoration.

Easy and Simple Way to Recover MP3 File

Hi, I have downloaded mp3 file from internet to my PC. By default it is stored on the download folder and I forget to copy mp3 songs to other drives. Suddenly, operating system of gets corrupted and it is getting problem to start. Then, I re-installed another OS and later searching for those mp3 files where not there, it was deleted. It is heart breaking for me and I want to recover mp3 files. So, I done research on various blogs and forums to know how to restore mp3 files? Then I come up with most popular software named as Music File Recovery it is efficiently in recovering deleted mp3 songs.

Music File Recovery Software is very easy in retrieve mp3 files which are lost due to various reasons include accidentally deleting, using shift + delete command and many more. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. User mp3 files may have deleted or lost on various hard drive interfaces like IDE, SATA, SCSI it can recover mp3 files in a smart way.

Some prominent reasons for deletion or loss of mp3 file:

There are many possibilities for the deletion of mp3 file; we have explained few scenarios:

MP3 files are stored in hard drives gets corrupted: Assume, the file system of hard drive gets corrupted due to formation of bad sectors and the mp3 files stored in that hard drive will not be accessible or invisible to user along with the other data. Then it may cause loss of entire mp3 files.

Intrusion of viruses and malware program: If the system comes under the attack of severe viruses or any auspicious items which may delete or infect the mp3 files saved on that PC and bring user to a data loss situation.

Interruption in mp3 file transfer: Suppose, you are moving mp3 files from system to pen drive. During this process if you abruptly pull out pen drives between the transfer process and also you may lost mp3 files.

Unintentional formatted: By mistake user might format partition which is having huge collection of mp3 files which will result in total loss of files.

Other Reasons: The mp3 files may get deleted due to some other reasons like abrupt system shut down; MBR corruption, etc

Exceptional benefits of Music File Recovery Software:

This recovery software is build with simple graphical user interface by the IT professional experts. It is recommended to everyone to use the features of this tool for restoring mp3 files in an effective manner. It can proficiently recover mp3 files from various file system like FAT, NTFS, ExtFAT, HFS+, HFSX, etc. To bypass bad sectors in hard drives this software create disk image and later get back files from these disk image.

Music File Recovery Software can retrieve different file types of mp3 files such as MP4, MIDI, AIF, AMR, MP3, WAV, and more. The restored mp3 files can be sorted on the basis of file type, name, size and date. Recover mp3 files from various storage devices like external hard drive, memory sticks, USB drive, iPods, etc. It facilitates recovering process on different versions of Windows and Mac OS like Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Lion, Leopard, Yosemite, Mountain Lion.

How to Recover Deleted Emails?

Outlook is a personal information manager which includes emails, task manager, notes, calendar, contact manager and so on. This application is used in several organizations such as public sectors, corporate sectors, educational institutes, etc. Sometimes some emails may get erased from Outlook due to various reasons.

However no need to worry, Mail Recovery software is one of the best tools to recover deleted emails from Outlook because it is reviewed and recommended by many industrial experts.

Reasons due to which Emails get deleted from Outlook:

Accidental Deletion: If you are trying to do some other action on Outlook profile, but click delete all option accidentally, as result of which Email get deleted from Outlook.

Sharing PST Files: While sharing PST file from one device to a different, system may shutdown due to interruption like power surge, etc. Entire PST file of Outlook get corrupted as results of that email may get deleted.

Antivirus Scanning resulting in Deletion of Emails: If you have installed antivirus application on your system then before opening the received emails, it first scans virus affected emails. If it is not able to remove that virus then it may delete you emails resulting in loss of emails.

Shift+ Delete Command: While deleting unwanted email using shift + delete command, if they accidentally select some important emails then they may lose important emails from Outlook.

Converting Outlook Version: If you are converting Outlook version from one to other version then there might be a possibility that PST file get corrupted which may result in deletion of emails.

Abrupt Termination of Outlook:  If you close your Outlook profile abruptly while sending or receiving any email messages on Outlook, then it may lead to deletion of some email messages.

Compacting PST file: When you compact Outlook PST file in order to reduce its size due to power failure, software malfunction, sudden system shutdown, etc may corrupt PST file. As a result, emails stored on corrupted PST file become inaccessible.

PST Files Corruption due to Oversize: Different versions of MS Outlook has different PST file size limitation for instance, MS Outlook 2000 has PST file size limit of 2 GB. If PST file exceeds or reach 2GB then PST file may get corrupted and leads to deletion of emails from Outlook.

Features of Mail Recovery software:

  • Mail Recovery software is simple to install on any version of Windows like (Windows 2003, Windows 2007, Windows 2008, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc).
  • Less space is required for installation of the software i.e. 50 MB.
  • It recovers not only emails as well as task manager, contacts, calendars etc.
  • Technical support team is available to help the users which finds problem in accessing. It’s the most effective part of the tool since user will contact support team whenever they wish.
  • It is compatible with different version of Outlook (Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013).
  • Demo version is available for the users to check the efficiency of the software. If they are satisfied with the software then they can upgrade it with its full version.
  • It restores deleted or lost emails from password protected PST files.
  • It repairs and recovers emails from Outlook items that are inaccessible, corrupted or damaged PST and OST files.

Simple Way to Fix Corrupted Video Files

Nowadays, with increased used in digital technology, videos have turned into an influencing factor in our day to day life and videos are preserved to recall the most precious moments of the past life in future. The Videos are recorded using digital camcorder, Mobiles, iPods, etc.  The commonly supported formats of video files are- MP4, MOV, MPEG, WAV, FLV, etc. Like some other files such as audio, images, documents etc. videos can also be corrupted due to following reasons. Some common reasons for the video file corruption are listed below:

Virus infection: Virus and malware attack is the one of the most common causes for the corruption of video files. Because downloaded files from un-trusted internet sites might be infected by virus or malware threats. While storing these files on the hard drives or memory cards may cause the intrusion of viruses on these storage devices and it can infect other uninfected stored files on the hard drives or memory cards. These viruses can lead to the corruption of video files and makes them unplayable.

Interruption while changing the file format of video file: While changing the file format of video files, any interruption that occurs due to some logical issues can corrupt the file system .The file system corruption will make the video files inaccessible to the users. Hence, in order to play these videos you need to repair these damaged video using any reliable video repair tool.

Other scenarios of corruption of video files: Other scenarios that might lead to the corruption of video files are as follows: due to header file corruption, interruption during file transfer etc. may make the videos unplayable.

If you come across any one of these above mentioned video file corruption scenarios, then do not need to be tensed .You can easily fix corrupted video files using the Repair AVI tool in few simple steps. Repair AVI tool, not only tells how to fix corrupted video files?  But, it also helps to repair, fix and mend the damaged videos on Windows as well as Mac operating system platforms.

Features of Repair AVI Software:

  • Repair AVI tool is used for fixing corrupted video files on following Windows operating system platforms like Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Window 2003 and Windows 2008 server etc.
  • By making use of this AVI repair tool, you can fix corrupted video files on Mac operating systems of all latest versions like Mac Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, and Yosemite etc.
  • It also allows repairing of corrupted videos from following brands of camcorder like Nikon, Panasonic, Sanyo, Minolta, and Casio etc.
  • This advanced video file repair tool also allows fixing of damaged video files and some other files such as images, music files, documents, etc. from removable storage devices like memory cards, USB flash drives, FireWire drives and external hard drives.
  • It helps to repair corrupted or damaged video files that are stored in the storage devices that are formatted with NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, HFS X, Ex-FAT and HFS+ etc.
  • After performing the repairing of corrupted video files, previewing of the repaired files is also possible by using inbuilt “preview” option of this Repair AVI tool prior to restoration of these files on any storage devices.
  • While repairing corrupted video files, it never alters the content of original file because it performs the repairing of these video files by creating the replica image of that corrupted video file.


How to Scan and Fix Outlook PST File?

Are you searching about how to scan and fix Outlook PST file? Fine, don’t worry!! Here you can easily learn how to scan and fix Outlook PST file in an effective way. First of all you need to know about an Outlook application and its uses. An Outlook is a Microsoft product developed especially for managing email related operation including other essential and attractive features. This enables user to organize email messages, contacts, tasks, notes, appointments and many more on single application. Along with these features it also provides scanpst.exe tool that can be used to scan and fix Outlook PST error issues.

So, if you are facing Outlook error issues, then you can utilize scanpst.exe tool to fix the errors. The scanpst.exe download is not required as it is a built-in utility in MS Outlook application. But, this inbuilt tool sometimes fails to scan and fix Outlook PST file error. So, in such situation, you need powerful and effective software named as Scanpst Fix software which can efficiently fix any issues regarding Outlook errors.

This tool has several advanced features, which we will see after checking the PST file corruption scenarios, so that you will be able to minimize the PST file corruption issues.

Some of the PST files corruption scenarios are as follows:

  • If the PST file gets oversized then the PST file might get corrupted.
  • Abrupt shut down of system while working on Outlook may result in corruption of PST file.
  • Outlook application crash can cause the PST file, sometimes it also gets damaged due to Outlook crash.
  • Sometimes, due to virus infection there is a chance of header corruption, which may lead to Outlook PST file corruption.
  • PST file becomes inaccessible, if it is saved on bad sector created on hard drive of local computer. Hence, PST file data cannot be accessed anyhow before repairing it.
  • Hard disk error can also corrupt the Outlook PST file.

Importance of Scanpst Fix software:

It is extremely powerful and efficient to fix severally damaged Outlook PST file. Also known as all in one solution, because ScanPST fix software is enough to handle any error occurred on Outlook PST file. It doesn’t matter whether PST file is inaccessible or the drive where PST file is located is damaged, the tool will always work perfectly to fix such PST file error issues. The software is provided with user friendly interface, so anyone can perform this tool to scan and fix Outlook PST file.

Along with fixing PST file error; this tool is also useful for recovering deleted or lost Outlook inbox messages, tasks, calendar, appointments and many more. Even password protected or highly encrypted PST file can be repaired using this ScanPST fix tool. This tool can efficiently fix errors encountered on Outlook 2000, 2007, 2013 etc.

Perfect Way to Recover Pictures from iPhoto Library

I have erased some important photos from my iPhoto library along with other unwanted photos by mistake. After deletion only I have realized that some memorable photos are deleted by me from iPhoto library. Then I checked on iPhoto library folder in order to get my deleted photos but I couldn’t get them. Can anyone assist me there is any possibilities available for me to recover those deleted photos from iPhoto library? Thank you..!!

iPhoto is a basic digital photograph manipulation software which is used in the iLife utility package on Mac operating system. With the help of this iPhoto utility, you can import photos and videos from all the popular brands of digital camera or camcorders or some other sources to your iPhoto library effectively.  You can edit pictures with basic image editing functions. While manipulating photos in the Mac system you may get some problem using some undesired option that lead to photo loss from iPhoto library.  Apart from this scenario some more reasons that can delete your photos from iPhoto Library as follows,

  • You may delete your important photos from iPhoto library accidentally by using Mac delete option Command + Delete key combination.
  • Trash folder may be emptied by click on “Empty Trash” option by mistake.
  • Mac volume may get formatted due to unintentional formatting which can delete entire files from iPhoto library.
  • iPhoto library synchronization process may take place between two Mac systems, during this process some error may occur which result in photos deletion present on iPhoto library from both source and destination system.
  • Performance of iPhoto library software may get affected due to corruption which leads to severe data loss and frequent crash on iPhoto software.
  • Severe virus or malicious program may affect iPhoto library and cause severe photo loss on it.

Unique Features of Photo Recovery Software:

  • In order to overcome these scenarios you can implement Photo Recovery tool which can scan your entire iPhoto library for recover deleted photos from iPhoto Library effectively.
  • This deleted photos recovery from iPhoto library can be easily performed by this tool by using its outstanding scanning mechanism with in short span of time.
  • This recovery software has simple user interface for and displays the retrieved photos in a Mac-styled interface, thus it is very suitable to use for Mac users.
  • Recovered Deleted Photos from iPhoto Library can be previewed before saving it on a secured memory location such as Mac volume or some other storage device which is accessible by host operating system.
  • The software supports photo recovery on Mac operating system X version like Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Lion, etc. and it can restore photos from formatted Mac volumes with HFSX and HFS+ file systems.
  • Apart from deleted photos recovery from iPhoto library, this application can also recover photos from various brands of digital camera like Canon digital camera, Nikon digital camera, Sony digital camera, Pentax digital camera and so on.
  • It can get back images from formatted pen drive and different types of external flash drives.