Using Inbox Repair Tool (ScanPST.exe) to Fix Outlook PST File

img_outlookMS Outlook has become the standard for email client server systems. Outlook use PST file to store emails and all other information such as appointments, calendar events, etc. it is a repository on local system drive for MS Outlook application, which holds all the data related to your profile. The complete data which a user stores in his Outlook account is saved in a single file with .pst file extension. Outlook is one of the most popular application used by people across the globe. Regardless of the popularity and extensive use of Outlook, it is not free from data loss. Emails and its related files use in Outlook email system can be damaged in many ways. Sometimes a simple action of downloading attachment may result in file corruption because of virus infections, upgrading the version of Microsoft Office can be a result of data corruption, simple accidentally deletion of emails leads to data loss, unexpected power cuts can corrupt .pst file.

Most common causes behind corruption of PST file:

File size limitation: As we know that the size of PST file is limited, if the data saved in it exceeds its max size limit, then PST file may get corrupt by which you will be unable to access your Outlook profile.

Power Surge: During using MS Outlook profile if system shutdown improperly due to power outage, in such case there can be a chance of PST file corruption and it may deny to open Outlook profile. 

Virus Infection: Viruses are the computer program which enters your system through internet or external storage drive and corrupt the store in hard drive.

Interruption between Processes: PST file may get corrupted if any interruption occurs during sending or receiving the email process or other. It will lead to corruption of PST file.

Upgrading Outlook: After updating Outlook application from lower version to upper you may face some error while importing PST file.

Whatever can be a reason behind PST file corruption, you can easily repair it by making the use of Scanpst Fix software. It is enough capable to repair damaged or corrupted PST file without any difficulty. This utility is capable to fix scanpst error which were created in various MS Outlook versions such as Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 easily. It does not modify the original PST file. Scanpst Fix application simply read the data from corrupted PST file and keep it in a new personal storage file by which it guarantee the safety of the original PST file. This program doesn’t change your original PST file. It also recovers deleted emails, contacts, notes, tasks, calendar items, etc. along with all other existing elements of PST file. In order to know more about fix scanpst continue to read on.

Even you can make the use of Scanpst Fix program to repair a password protected PST file. If you don’t know the exact location of PST file which you want to fix, then don’t worry, this tool can even search for PST files from your system. This utility is capable to fix scanpst with all Microsoft Windows operating systems including Win 7, Win XP, Win Server 2003, Win Server 2008, Win Vista, and Win 8 without any difficulty.

How to Use Windows 10’s New Snap Assist?

Snapping of open windows is not at all a new subject matter to Windows users who have used at least Windows 7 operating system. Even though this feature was introduced on Windows 7, the real demand of this arrived since the arrival of Windows 8. Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows 10 has included several advanced features to support this snapping. Snap Assist is one among that. You can even snap Universal Windows Apps previously known as Metro Apps on desktop with this. Just check this page to get more information about Windows 10 Snapping, in case you are interested.

How Snapping can be Performed on Windows 10?

You can snap windows either via mouse or via keyboard short cuts. If you are using mouse, just click on the title bar of the desired window and drag it to left or right side. Each of the cases, an outline will appear to show where the window will snap into. You can also drag that window into one of the four corners to snap it to the corresponding quadrants. If you drag that windows to the top of the screen, you will get a full-size window.

Snapping can also be performed via keyboard short cuts. If you want to snap a windows to the left half, select the window then press Windows + Left Arrow key combination. In the same way, Windows + Right Arrow can be used to snap a windows to the right half of the screen. Suppose, you have snapped a window to left or right pane of the screen. Then you can use Windows + Up Arrow or Windows + Down Arrow to resize it to corresponding quadrants.

When this Snap Assist will Pop-Up on Windows 10?

Snap Assist feature will be available to you when you snap your window by either keyboard or mouse with half or one quarter of your screen empty. Suppose you have snapped a window to left half of the screen with right half empty. If there are multiple other windows, Snap Assist will arrange those windows as thumbnails on those right half. If you click on one thumbnail, it will be previewed on the left pane replacing the current Window.


How to Recover Micro SD Card Data after Format

Micro SD card is a portable data storage device which is used in different types of portable devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, iPods, tablets and many other devices. You can store any type of files (image files, video files, music files, PDF files, Zip files and so on) in it. Apart from large amount of data storing capacity, there are many more other awesome features of Micro SD card such as portability, long lasting, small in size etc. But even some outstanding features of Micro SD card, sometimes you may face data loss issue due to formatting of Micro SD card.


Formatting of SD card happens mistakenly. You want to perform some other task but you select and click on format option. As a result you suffer data loss problem from SD card. Apart from this, there are many more reasons behind formatting of Micro SD card.

  • If your SD card is infected from virus then in scanning process of Antivirus, there is a chance of corruption of SD card. Due to corruption, you may suffer inaccessibility issue which gets accessible after formatting of SD card.
  • File system or boot sector corruption also plays a huge role behind inaccessible of SD card. Both saves some important data related to memory card but due to any reasons, if it gets corrupted then due to inaccessibility issue, you must have to format that memory card.
  • If any interruption occurs, when you perform data transferring task from SD card to the system due to any known/unknown reasons then there is a chance of corruption of SD card which may reuse after formatting of that card.
  • Abrupt shutdown of storage device when device is in use or system get shutdown abruptly while transferring task is going on also may leads the formatting of Micro SD card.

Above reasons are some common scenarios behind the formatting of Micro SD card. When SD card get corrupted then error message comes to your screen. Some error messages are:

  • Unable to access XYZ memory card.
  • You need to format the disk in drive E: before you can use it. Do you want to format it?
  • The file or directly is corrupted and unreadable.

However friends, if you are experiencing data loss problem due to formatting of SD card and want to recover micro SD card data after format then you must have to go with Recover SD Card software. This tool has simple GUI which is compatible with all major versions of Windows OS (Windows8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 etc) and several versions of Mac OS X (Mac OS X Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mavericks etc). This tool supports and recovers lost data of several SD card manufacturing companies such as Sony, SanDisk, HP, Samsung, Transcend, Kingston and so on. Apart from Micro SD card data recovery after format; this tool has much capability to recover data from SDHC, SDXC, CF card, XD card, MMC, etc. Any types of loss files are easily recovered by this tool after successful completion of recovering task.

How MP4 File Repair Can be Made Easy?

MP4 is the container format for the video file which is equipped with the Advanced Video Coding Techniques which help the users to compress the files. AVC coding techniques is used for easy access of the video on the different media players. This file will also not affect the quality of the data instead it allow users to secure the digital data in .mp4 file format. MP4 files or MPEG-4 part 14 is the digital multimedia file format which was developed by Moving Picture Expert Group (MPEG) based on Apple’s Quick time container format. It involves both the media player that is audio and video file which helps the users in better understanding of the data. It is much similar to the MP3 container file format but this MP4 files contain additional complex techniques for the compressing the datarepair mp4

MP4 files can provide videos of high quality and playable on the different media players. It is well supported on the different latest versions of Windows operating system. The video file is one type of media file which contain both audio and video file in it. With the help of these video files, users can access the digital data

  • Coding efficiency has improved over the MPEG-2 which was last file format before this file format.
  • Encoding mixed media data that is audio, video and text. These media files has strongly encoded with the
  • It has ability to interact with the audio-visual scene generated at the output receiver.

Instead of these many applications, MP4 files get easily corrupted because of many reasons. If these MP4 get corrupted or damaged, then the files become inaccessible and the users can’t play any video file on the media players even though the video is downloaded from authority site. Surely one can download MP4 file from the authority site if and only if the file is important. If vital files get corrupted then you need to opt for repair software which can make the MP4 playable again. For these issues, I strongly recommend you repair software by name Repair MP4 Software which is advanced tool to fix the different issues regarding unplayable of the video files.

Unique Features of this Tool:

  • This tool has ability to make MP4 playable again even if the file is corrupted or damaged. Repair MP4 Utility solves this issue as because it is inbuilt with strong algorithm.
  • Different features like separated repairing of audio and video tracks are implemented in this software to get effective result in corrupted MP4 file repair on the different operating systems like Windows and Mac.
  • It has capacity to fix MP4 files which is inaccessible because of various reasons such as due to interruption while transferring video files, Failed in converting the video file format, header corruption, Corruption due to third party function and many other reasons.
  • Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc are the different versions of the Windows operating system which can supports fixing of the MP4 files.

Preventive steps for avoiding MP4 corruption:

  • Make a habit of downloading the file from authorized server and don’t download the file from unknown site as sometimes it may result in file corruption.
  • Make files free from attack of virus by scanning the files regularly.

Simple Way to Recover Data from Mac System

Sometimes, when you use Mac system, then the files stored on it might become inaccessible. This could be because of some human errors or catalog corruption. Now the question has come in your mind what is a catalog? Catalog files are files utilized by file System to save information regarding file on Mac Volume. These files are stored in such a manner to form B-tree, which includes nodes, leaves, and header nodes and referred as catalog B-tree. These catalog files mainly contain the allocation details of each file stored on the Volume, in a hierarchical arrangement. Once you try to access any files from these Mac Volumes, catalog files helps the Finder in locating items easily from the Catalog B-Tree. Apple OS makes use of catalog files to recognize each file. Hence catalog files are the vital part of the Mac file system.

Corruption of the Catalog records makes the items present on Mac inaccessible. Hence, it is important that these catalog files are kept protected from the threats like system failure or file system corruption, etc. However, no matter how careful you are, you can find chances of loss of data because of this catalog corruption. Couple of days ago, I was trying to partition my drive and install multiple operating systems. While carrying this out, suddenly I encountered an error and therefore I had to turn off my PC. After restarting, I was not able to access files from Mac, It was showing an error indicating catalog corruption. This was because of improper partition, due to which the file system got crashed and catalog record is also corrupted. It was a really bad situation that I was very much frustrated. But thankfully, one of my friends suggested recovery program that will recover data Mac after catalog corruption. This application helped me to recover all of my data which was inaccessible. The software is Recovery Mac. This utility helps you to restore data after catalog corruption. To know more about the recovery procedure after catalog corruption follow this link:

This is not the only situation by which catalog file gets corrupted. There are numerous reasons that may result in corruption of those catalog records, leading to data loss. A few of the common causes are accidental deletion, corruption of the file system because of use of 3rd party utility, unexpected shutdown of the PC, power surge, etc. Even this utility malfunctioning for system failure results in catalog corruption. OS corruption, Volume header corruption, improper partitioning also results in catalog file corruption and thus leading to data loss.

Have you people also lost your important data because of these reasons? Then don’t worry, this software will there be for your help. It could recover data Mac lost in any situation. The key features of this tool are:

  • Able to restore files from external hard drive, FireWire drive, USB flash drive, and other different storage devices also
  • Recovery Mac program recuperates not only your deleted / lost files, but also your deleted/lost partitions
  • Not only deleted or lost data, even after the formatting or reformatting the Mac system, by using this software you are able to recover formatted data from Mac hard disk drives like SATA, SCSI or IDE
  • Restore the data lost as a result of some input and output errors encountered due to malfunctioning of some software
  • In addition to personal computers, this utility will also support recovery on laptops like MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, etc.

As a result of the above features of Recovery Mac tool, it’s known as the most effective recovery application that can recover data Mac your entire lost and deleted files easily with a high amount of success.

How Deleted MPEG Files Recovery Can be Made Easy?

You might need Video file recovery software if somehow your MPEG files are missing or deleted.

mpeg video file recovery

MPEG or Moving picture expert group is a container type for video and audio files. These files comes with variety of features so that it can be compressed, transferred, edited etc. However mpeg files may be prone to loss factors and it might not play well or simply it might get deleted from hard drive. If you have backup, then you are lucky to go, but if you lost one and you don`t have any backup too then video file recovery can serve you.

Brief Overview on Video File Recovery software

You can recover deleted mpeg files from hard drive or external storage media unless new files have not replaced the deleted mpeg files. For deleted MPEG file recovery you can try out Video file recovery software as most reliable solution to restore the missing mpeg video files. It recovers corrupted, erased and lost mpeg video file within just few easy steps. This application does not need any kind of technical skill which can be used even by a novice. This tool also provides the trial version which can be downloaded; hence use this software for successful MPEG video file recovery.

Apart from the fact that most files become out of reach because of human mistake, media files become inaccessible and user may lose their valuable pictures from storage device, due to following reasons:-

  • If you have formatted your drive.
  • Due to severe virus attack.
  • Improper handling of device.
  • Due to file system corruption.
  • Due to physically damaged media.
  • Header files corruption.

Avoid Common Mistakes to Prevent MPEG Video File issues for future

One silly mistake or slight carelessness is enough to erase all the memorable and exciting moments of past. It is rightly said “Prevention is always better than cure”. While most of the problems related to video files have solution,  but it would be better not to confront it by taking some measures. Therefore, users are advised to take care of the following points mentioned below if they do not want to be in horrible situations:

Never remove the memory card when it is in use.

Always safely remove the memory card before removing it from its slot.

Do not click pictures or record videos when battery is running low.

Always be careful while erasing unwanted files

Avoid using “Delete All” button of Digital Camera

Do not mishandle digital camera or memory card.

Note: Avoid using Memory Card if you have deleted any photos and videos from it. Doing so will prevent the possibilities of overwriting and replacing the data on the card. Once overwritten, option for rescue data in case of Video files deleted will be next to impossible.

Easy Way of Moving Outlook Personal Folders to New Computer

Everyone knows what Microsoft outlook is and its capabilities and uses. Due to its prominence only you prefer to use it for your day to day mailing activates so on. Sometimes, you might have a bought a new computer and you may not very well know how to move or copy your valuable outlook personal folders data such as mails, tasks, contacts, RSS feeds from your old computer to the new one. On that situation, don’t feel worried! Cause by simply referring this article you will come to know the simplest and most powerful method to move outlook personal folders to new computer without losing any of data from it.

move outlook personal folders to new computer

How to migrate Microsoft Outlook personal folder to new computer?

Microsoft Outlook irrespective of its versions has an inbuilt feature, by which you may able to manually transfer all your Outlook data to a new computer. But, keep in note that by moving Outlook personal folders to new computer by this manual approach may result in corrupting / damaging or sometimes loss of your entire valuable Outlook personal folders data. So, to avoid all such instances it is much recommended to use a reliable way to migrate Outlook data from old to new computer. If you still insist to follow the manual approach then take a look out this real incident that took place while migrating manually.

“Hi I am Lee, recently I bought a new HP laptop and I had one old computer, in it I was using Microsoft Outlook since I had some important mails and contacts it. I tried to manually configure the migration from old one to the new system. But, unfortunately after transferring it my Outlook in HP laptop dint respond properly and it was unable to preview the copied mails / contacts, this made me worried a lot! Then, I came across this marvelously tool “Migrate outlook” which is a very simple and user-friendly application. By following easy steps of the tool I was able to migrate the Outlook data from old to new laptop effortlessly without any errors in either application or in Outlook data. Thanks again for this wonderful tool”

How this application will help you out?

Migrate outlook tool is especially build application to overcome all the difficulties during Outlook migration. This software allows you to move outlook personal folders to new computer without affecting any of its contents. It can automatically backup all your settings and attributes from one version of the application to other versions and also from one PC to other computer. It can transfer Outlook personal folders in different versions of Microsoft Outlook like 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and Office-365. This transfer Outlook utility can be installed on different versions of Windows operating systems like Windows-XP, Windows-Vista, Windows-7 and Wondows-8.

How to Recover Music Files from IPod

Music is one thing which is liked worldwide. Somebody makes it their hobby, somebody enjoys becoming regular past time activity, somebody listens to reduce stress and for relaxation also. People store it in several mediums like computers, laptops, tablet computer, mobiles, iPods, etc. these storage systems are designed for storing a variety of media files. However, these devices are not safe from loss of data. As iPods can be useful for storing songs, so there is a chance of deleting or losing the music files from it. So to recover music files from iPod, you will need a recovery program. Photos and songs are stored in iPod can be any popular media file format like JPEG, TIFF, BMP, MIDI, M4b, CR2, CRW, NEF, ARW, ORF, RAF, MP4, WAV, MPEG, MP3, etc.

iPods is also used as external data storage devices. The storage capacity of iPods varies from 2 GB to 160 GB. Some prominent advanced popular features of iPod such as superior sound quality, stylish range and amazing facilities have modernized the music world. However one cannot deny possibility of loss of music files from this device and possible odds of corruption. Why don’t we see, any common data loss scenarios through which we could lose data in iPod which are further down.

  • You may lose data due to improper elimination of drive.
  • In case, iPod media get crashed or formatted.
  • If the iPod is frozen.
  • Exclamation mark icon error.
  • If one turn out accidently restoring the iPod.
  • Files lost as a result of improper synchronization.
  • If we accidentally eject the iPod during synchronization.

After understanding, the different scenarios stated previously, you have the reply to recover music files from iPod. Now, one need to know that whenever some files gets deleted or lost from iPod, only the pointer towards the book keeping table being erased, which tells the storage portion that pointer has erased is available for writing other files and hence before overwritten by another file the stored details are recoverable using fast and efficient recovery software either for Mac or Windows system. If you are not able to access photos on the frozen iPod or lost your chosen songs while syncing, there’s no need to fret as iPod Recovery software comes equipped with powerful built-in algorithms that enable you to perform photo recovery that can be deleted or lost in any way as mentation above.

IPod Recovery is one of the best music retrieval tool that helps you to recover music files from iPod that can be lost or deleted in any known or unknown ways. Some popular features of this iPod Recovery application are like scans the whole drive within few minutes to recuperate deleted music from iPod on the computer. This equipment can handle identifying and recovering a lot more than 50 media files types and preview recovered files using 2 types of viewing options. Its Mac finder styled interface to see recovered photos and music files. It could even recover iPod songs lost after synchronizing with iTunes. They supply universal binary application, which assists to both Intel and Power PC Mac platforms and also supports 32bit and 64 bit Mac OS X. So just download the background music recovery software online depending upon OS and evaluate your recovery results.

How to recover deleted files from memory card?

Hello guys, last week I went to trip with my friends and I took camera along with me. I shoot lots of photos, videos and I saved all the captured memorial moments in camera’s memory card. Yesterday, when I connect my memory card to the system it asked to format the memory card option and I without going through the option I unfortunately clicked on the format button. I have lost all my precious files from the memory card. Please anyone suggest me how to retrieve deleted files from formatted memory card, it will be great helpful for me.

Overview of memory card:retrieve deleted files from formatted memory card

A memory card or flash card is an electronic data storage medium used for storing digital data. These memory cards are commonly used in many electronic devices such as MP3 players, mobile phones, tablets, computers, digital cameras, camcorders, and many more. Most of the card can be re-recordable and can hold files without any power supply. It is extensively utilizing as the usage of the electronic devices is increasing all over world. There are many brands that are involved in developing and designing memory cards some of them are Sony, Panasonic, Transcend, Toshiba Samsung, Kingston, etc.

They support numerous multimedia devices for storing various types of file formats such as audio, documents, video, images, etc. The storage capacity of the memory card varies from MB to GB and it depends on user choice. However, in spite of these benefits the data saved in the memory cards might get lost or deleted due to unknowingly formatting the memory card. There are plenty of other reasons that are responsible for the data loss from the memory card.

If, you face these kind of situation then don’t get panic. You can recover lost data after formatting memory card by employing third party tool like File Recovery Software. This application enables you to recover deleted files from memory card such as SD card, Memory sticks, XD, SDHC, MMC, CF cards etc. This software can successfully run and recovers data from memory card on different version of Windows and Mac based operating system such as Windows 8, Vista, Lion, Yosemite, Windows XP, Snow Leopard, Mac OS X and more.

Let’s have a glance on some factors that cause to deletion of data from memory card:

  • Most of the user would like to organize the files and folders stored in memory card. So, they move the data from the mobile phone itself, during this process suddenly someone make a call to the mobile this may cause loss of files.
  • When the camera is reading or writing the data in the memory card. If user removes the memory card abruptly then this lead to loss of data.
  • Without the help of card reader user cannot connect the memory card to the system or laptop directly. If the card reader that contains memory card in it is malfunctioned all of a sudden, then there exists a chance of damage to the memory card. Resulting in deletion or lose of important data.
  • Users are prone to make some innumerable errors in their life while handling the memory card. By mistake may delete the file which is important can result in to data deletion.
  • There can be some other factors such as improper handling of devices, intrusion of suspicious viruses and malware, power surge problem, etc.

How to Restore Files from Formatted Hard Disk Drive?

“Few days back, I accidentally formatted my hard drive because it is showing some error. But now I want that files which are stored inside it. Is there any software which can restore my files from formatted hard disk drive?”

Yes, of course you can restore files from formatted hard drive. You need to use a file recovery tool to restore files from formatted hard disk drive. So you can make use of Formatted Disk Recovery software to restore files from formatted hard disk drive.

Why recovery of formatted hard disk drive is possible?

Disk formatting doesn’t mean that you have lost files from hard disk drive. As only file entries are deleted from the partition table and the space are marked as free to store new files. These data from the hard drive can be recovered with the help of recovery tools. So, you have to use any recovery software to recover data as soon as possible because if you continue using the drive then there are more chances that data get lost permanently due to overwriting of new files over lost files.

Scenarios behind deletion or lost of files from Formatted Hard Disk Drive:

Unintentional Format: While doing some work on your system you may accidentally press format button or formatting of some important drive in which you have important files instead of some other results in deletion of files or folder from your system hard drive.

Intentional Formatting: When you are trying to format or re-format your hard disk drive using Disk Management Utility or Mac Disk Utility and if any errors occur then it also leads to data loss from hard disk drive.

Other Reasons: Re-installation of operating system,  bad sectors, system crash, file system error, abrupt ejections of storage device like external hard drive, using third party tools, software conflicts, etc are also leads to data loss from hard disk drive.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Keep backup of important files on some storage device.
  • Check twice before formatting of any drive.

Features of Formatted Disk Recovery software:

  • This software can easily used to perform file recovery from formatted hard drive as well as from different storage device like external hard drive, USB drives, iPods, memory cards, pen drive, etc.
  • Preview option is the unique feature of this software as it allows users to preview the recovered files and if they are satisfied with the recovered results then they can activate the demo version of this software before restoring it the desired place.
  • This software retrieves files from different types of file system such as NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32, HFSX, HFS+, etc.
  • This software also provides users to search the restored results according to file name, file type, file size and date of creation of file using Find option.
  • Technical team is available for the users 24*7 to provide assistance if any issues occur during the recovery process of the files from formatted hard disk drive.
  • It restores files that are deleted or lost from Windows as well as from Mac operating system.
  • It recovers files from hard disk drive of different popular brands such as Seagate, Western Digital, Iomega, HP, Buffalo, Hitachi, etc.