Learn How to Create and Schedule a Meeting?

Suppose if you want create a meeting, you have to enter all the basic meeting information, identify the people to whom you want to invite, check the availability of invitees, check the resources and deserves, choose a meeting time, etc. and finally send out the invitations.

Learn How to Create and Schedule a Meeting?

The Global Address List (GAL) helps you to create a meeting. It contains entries for people, conference rooms and other resource calendars. So it better to make use of it while adding a conference room or resource to your meeting. It is also used to invite other persons even if you don’t know their email address.

How to enter meeting information?

  • First, open a new meeting: For Outlook 2010 users Click on the Home tab and then select New Items, from there choose select Meeting option, and for Outlook 2007 users: On the File menu, point to New option and then click on Meeting Request
  • In the“To field, you can enter the email addresses of the people manually to whom you want to invite.
  • In the“Subject field, give a brief description of your meeting.

Now use the Start time and End time lists to set the meeting date and time as below

  • Scheduling an All day event: If it is a full day event, then select All day event
  • Show event time as Busy: If All day events are marked as Free and don’t occupy any scheduled time in your calendar list then you can mark the time as Busy, or Out of Office, etc.
  • Scheduling a Recurring Meeting: If the same meeting is repeating then you can set it as a recurring meeting.
  • In the large text, type any information about your meeting, such as purpose of the meeting and directions to venue.
  • You can also add attachment to your email invitation: For Outlook 2010 users: Drag the attachment directly to the text field and for Outlook 2007 users: Click the Insert  Now in the Include group, click on the Attach File option and choose a file to add as an attachment. Then click the Meeting tab and the Appointment command.
  • Finally click send.

How to use Global Address List to add attendees and resources?

  • Click the“To button and use the Address Book arrow to select Global Address List.
  • Now in the Search field, enter the name of a person or resources to whom you want to you want to invite to the meeting.
  • In the search results, click the name of the person or resource and then click Required, Optional, or Resources to add to the meeting. Now repeat this process until all attendees, locations, and resources are added. Now lick OK to return to the meeting tab.

How to check availability and schedule a meeting?

  •  In order to schedule a meeting clicks on Scheduling option to check the free and busy status of attendees. A green line indicates the start of the meeting and a red vertical line represents the end of the meeting.
  • If you need to set another time for the proposed meeting: This can be done in two ways like click AutoPick Next option and choose the next available time, the other way is click the Options arrow, point to AutoPick, and then click one of the available options.
  • Finally click Send to email the invitation.