How to Use Windows 10’s New Snap Assist?

Snapping of open windows is not at all a new subject matter to Windows users who have used at least Windows 7 operating system. Even though this feature was introduced on Windows 7, the real demand of this arrived since the arrival of Windows 8. Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows 10 has included several advanced features to support this snapping. Snap Assist is one among that. You can even snap Universal Windows Apps previously known as Metro Apps on desktop with this. Just check this page to get more information about Windows 10 Snapping, in case you are interested.

How Snapping can be Performed on Windows 10?

You can snap windows either via mouse or via keyboard short cuts. If you are using mouse, just click on the title bar of the desired window and drag it to left or right side. Each of the cases, an outline will appear to show where the window will snap into. You can also drag that window into one of the four corners to snap it to the corresponding quadrants. If you drag that windows to the top of the screen, you will get a full-size window.

Snapping can also be performed via keyboard short cuts. If you want to snap a windows to the left half, select the window then press Windows + Left Arrow key combination. In the same way, Windows + Right Arrow can be used to snap a windows to the right half of the screen. Suppose, you have snapped a window to left or right pane of the screen. Then you can use Windows + Up Arrow or Windows + Down Arrow to resize it to corresponding quadrants.

When this Snap Assist will Pop-Up on Windows 10?

Snap Assist feature will be available to you when you snap your window by either keyboard or mouse with half or one quarter of your screen empty. Suppose you have snapped a window to left half of the screen with right half empty. If there are multiple other windows, Snap Assist will arrange those windows as thumbnails on those right half. If you click on one thumbnail, it will be previewed on the left pane replacing the current Window.