How to Retrieve Files from Corrupted Partition?

Hard disk is an essential component of the computer which is used to store program files (OS and applications) and user files. Partition is the process of dividing a hard disk into small logical sectors, which enables user to store their files in a proper manner. There are many benefits of portioning like using multiple OS in a single computer, storing files more secure and safe as you can format any drive without affecting other drives data.

Even with such features data loss from partitions occurs due to some unexpected reasons. Despite of taking precaution you can’t deny from being a victim of data loss from partition. Each partitions having specific file system, which stores metadata about partition’s files and folders and enables OS to quick access and manipulate data. Due to some known or unknown reasons file system may get corrupted and lead to corruption of Partition, as a result large data loss occurs which will be disaster. If you are facing such problem then don’t get panic, be calm!! Now data recovery from corrupted partition is possible by using recovery tools.

There are many recovery tools which you may find in internet, but you should use reliable software which does not create another problem like modification or corruption of your data while recovery process. There is a most used and trusted tool named as “Partitions Recovery” which is specially designed for data recovery from corrupted partition, which is efficient enough to recover data from corrupted partition within few eye blinks.  Its automatic recovery process does not let you worry about how to recover data from corrupted partition.

Reasons behind corruption of partition

Partitioning Error: Any interruption while partitioning process like creating, deleting or extending a partition lead to corruption of partition.

File System Corruption: File system contains detail information about data stored in partitions, if it gets corrupted due to any reason, then that partition become inaccessible and lead to large data loss.

Abrupt Shut Down: Abruptly shutting down of system due to any unexpected reason also results in corruption of partition.

Unreliable Partitioning Tool: Besides of inbuilt partitioning utility there are third party tools also available. Using any unreliable partitioning tool may also lead to partition loss.

Improper Detaching External Hard Drive: External hard drive may also contain multiple partitions, detaching it in improper way is the reason behind corruption of partition.

Eye catching features of Partitions Recovery tool

  • It has inbuilt powerful algorithm which enables it to scan entire hard drive for data recovery from corrupted partition within few minutes.
  • Its algorithm is smart enough to identify almost all types of files and recovers data from corrupted partition with ease.
  • It is enriched with user friendly GUI which interacts with user at each and every step such that any novice user also can perform data recovery from corrupted partition as expert.
  • Recovered data from corrupted partition can be previewed before saving it to any storage device.
  • After recovering data from corrupted partition you can store it to any location on your computer or any other storage device.