Effective way of recovering data from USB Stick?

USB sticks are very useful storage devices to carry frequently used files. USB sticks are made to be compatible with different devices for easy data transportation. Sometimes, user may encounter deletion of crucial folders and files on USB stick. When any data gets deleted from USB stick, it is not possible to regain that file without utilizing third party folder recovery app because in USB stick there is no folder like Recycle Bin that store deleted folders. Moreover, if you delete folder from USB stick when it is connected to the Windows system, deleted file will simply bypass the Recycle Bin and then you would not have any option to restore the folder from the Bin.

Possibilities where folders may get erased from USB stick:

  • Folder from USB sticks may get erased after defragmentation operation.
  • User can erase some folder mistakenly while deleting unnecessary data from USB stick to get some free memory space.
  • Since USB stick is extensively used with different devices, it may get affected with viruses which can delete folder in the memory stick.
  • Because of faulty file system, user may receive format error message and attempt to format the USB stick.
  • Sometimes, user can manage to delete few important files from USB stick when it is connected to the system.
  • Anti-virus program may delete some corrupted files without notifying users while scanning USB stick.

USB stick deleted file recovery software!

Stop regretting over massive data loss from USB stick and go ahead to perform successful retrieval of deleted files. By utilizing Undelete Folder application, it becomes too simple to recover lost or deleted media files, documents and other folder from USB sticks. With the help of this reliable folder recovery utility you need to make a few simple clicks on software wizard to launch effective and secure recover deleted folders from USB stick. This application supports deleted folders recovery from USB drive, flash memory cards and other removable storage devices manufactured by Kingston, Lexar, Toshiba, PNY, SanDisk, Transcend, HP, Sony etc. You can run this utility on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003 and 2008 to recover deleted folders from USB stick. With the help of Undelete Folder utility user can also recover deleted compressed files and folders from NTFS formatted partitions.

Steps to recover deleted folders from USB stick:

First, connect your USB stick to your Windows computer to recover deleted folders from USB stick. Download and install Undelete Folder application to your system. Launch the software by clicking on shortcut icon that is present on desktop. On main wizard, there are two different file recovery modules i.e. “Deleted File recovery” and “Lost File recovery”. Since you want to recover deleted folders from USB stick, click on “Deleted File Recovery” option. The application scans computer and lists out all the drives including externally connected USB stick. Select the USB stick and click on “Next” option. After the scanning operation gets over, this utility displays a list of all retrieved files and folders in “Data View” or “File Type View”. You can use “Preview” option to view recovered files before save operation. Finally, specify the destination location (not USB stick) to save restored files and click on save button.