6 Useful Steps to View Photos on your Apple Watch

How to View Photos on Apple Watch

The most awaited Apple Watch is very near to you now.  If you have already acquired this device, Apple’s Live Photos would be one of the features which you cannot neglect for any reason. It is so cool and real time. If you don’t know how to operate this device to view live photos, just go through this article for a while.

Step 1: Setting up Photos on iPhone

At first, a new album has to create on the Photos app on your iPhone. It is better to rename that album to your convenience. Then you can select photos which you want to add to this album then click done button.

Step 2: Synchronization

Now it is the time to start synchronization. For that you have to download an additional app from app store namely Apple Watch app for your iPhone. From this app, you can select newly create album and then click “Synced Album”. Sync process will start now and you can store app to 500 photos from your iPhone to your Apple Watch.

Step 3: How to View Live Photos on Apple Watch?

If you are adding photos to the favorite section of your Apple Watch, it will guarantee that you can quickly find them. For this, you have to ensure that, you are synchronizing photos to favorite section of Apple Watch for viewing them. The photos synced as favorites can be seen even your Apple Watch is out of range from your iPhone. You can watch those photos from Photos app from Watch.

Step 4: Creating a Watch Face from a Live Photo

It is none other than the wallpaper of the Apple Watch. You can press and hold any live photo for displaying “Create Watch Face” screen. You merely have to tap there to change the face. It is also possible to snap the particular portion of a photo to appear as your Watch Face. While pressing and holding the current watch face itself, you’ll get “new” screen to select a different Watch Face. Here, you can flick up until you got your desired live photo.

Step 5: Orientation of Live Photos

If you are not satisfied with the orientation of your live pictures, you can change it by using the same press and hold method on your watch face. From there, you have to choose “customize” option. You can change the orientation of photos as your wish through this option.

Step 6:  Navigating through Photos App

On your watch, just click on the multi-chromatic flower icon to open the photos app. What you’ll get a 3×3 grid of your photos. You can use “Digital Crown” button on your watch to zoom that photos in or out.